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About Us

Anson & Jackson Ltd were originally set up within the realms of taping and jointing. With 25 years of experience within the taping and jointing trade, we have become very quick at completing contracts along with a high standard. We use sub-contractors that we have nurtured and regularly use along with others, depending on the work loads that we have at any time. We were introduced into the realms of airless spray plastering back in 2004, where we initially completed training using a marble based product Alltek, (a company provider who are no longer about due to being bought out by Knauf airless spray plaster.) We quickly realised the high standard of finish of the airless spray plaster systems could be the future on the day of training, and were that impressed we bought our first machine that very day. Our yearly works load now comprises of 50% taping and jointing and 50% airless spraying, giving us consistency throughout the year with no work loss gaps. We are also starting to notice that slowly, airless spray plastering is edging out traditional plaster trades due to its quality, quickness, low waste and its minimal environmental impacts on landfills. We have completed some seriously large contracts now with the airless spray plaster systems, Stanley Park School in Carlshalton being the largest, with over 60,000 m2 completed inc. bulk heads and shadow gap details.

We are Knauf approved and Knauf have recognised our performance abilities to such a degree that they regularly recommend our services to new clients when using their airless spray plaster product. They have most recently put us forward in completing a project on the Isle of Wight for the television programme “Grand Designs” due to be televised in 2015. Clive Reeves is our contact within Knauf, and a link to him can be found here on our website, where there is a more in depth description about the benefits of using their product. We as a company feel proud to be recognised for our finishing performance and hope if your reading this, can maybe work together in any projects you may be considering using us for. Although we have a good working relationship with Knauf we don’t discriminate against any other products as we are just here to do the application, and have applied other brands such as Alsecco FA and Beissier for instance.